Camp sites

Gilwell Park, Polyapes, Walton Firs, Bentley Copse, Douglas Meadow, Petersham, Barn Elms

Chalfont Heights, Bucks (59)

Blackdown Heights (60,66) - site found by Senior Scouts on a 3-day hike. Subsequent Cub and scout camps held here. Large pond for swimming and rafting. Allowed to fell silver birch for pioneering.

Trefew, North Wales. (63) Long journey to very isolated site. Mountain stream water.

Salle, Norfolk (64) Isolated, flat and exposed - cornflakes blew away! Water bowser. John Sweet was the visitor (N.A.D.M. in "the Scout" magazine, wrote for Scouting and was author of many pioneering books) Enormous field with 2 dead chestnuts 20 yards apart - David Oates tested the rope ladder, monkey bridge and aerial runway. Akelas got lost in fog.

Ashburham, Sussex (65) Wooded site. Good lake for swimming and canoeing.

Nightingales Farm, Petworth (66) Heavy clay.

Wisborough Green (67, 68, 69, 70?)

Knote Park, (where?) (59, 62) Secluded parkland. Deer liked to eat soap and wet pits.

Holmbury St Mary, Surrey

Buckmore Park, Kent

Isle of Wight


Black Down Hill, (where?) (60)

Perry Wood, (where?) (61,62.63)

Bentley Copse, Surrey (64)

Basingstoke (65)

Abinger Hammer, Surrey (77)

Holmbury St Mary, Surrey (78)

The Fort, Reigate (dates??) - prone to be muddy if wet!

Arundel, Sussex (57, 58) - with the District

Burwash, (where?) (59) - with the District

Polyapes and Walton Firs - yearly since (??) for Richmond Borough Camps