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There is some haziness about when Ham Scout Group actually started. Certainly, by 1945 there was a Rover Crew, but legend, if not record, has it that the birthday of the group was 1st April 1946. (The scout association record of registration is dated 31 March 1945)

The foundation of the group was the choir of St. Andrew's Church and the original name of the group became "2nd Ham, (St. Andrew's) Scout Group". The group badge was the white diagonal cross of St. Andrew worn on the point of the scarf. (There is no record of a "1st Ham" but this may have been Petersham and Ham Sea Scout Group).

In the late 1960's with the growth of Ham and the introduction of a new local Church and parish; St. Richard's, it was no longer appropriate to keep the "St. Andrew's" title, and the name was changed to "Ham Scout Group" in 1972. In the group's 40th year a new group badge was introduced, bearing, in addition to St. Andrew's cross, a red bishop's mitre for St. Richard, who was Bishop of Chichester. The red edge to the badge, which is still worn on the point of the scarf, symbolises that 40th anniversary of the group.

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